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Some monsters spawn with affixes that make them more difficult. Magic monsters have one affix; Rare monsters have three affixes, one of which may be an aura. This system is similar to rarity on items, in that magic monsters have their affix added to their name and rare monsters are given a randomly generated name.

Converted or Dominated monsters will apply the aura to you and your party.

List of Affixes


Name Effect
Hexproof Immune to Curses (Requires monster level 16)
Massive1 50% Increased Life
Plated Takes 40% Reduced Physical Damage
Precise 40% more Accurate
Sanguine Regenerates 100% More Life Per Second
Savage Deals 25% Extra Damage
Splitting Fires 2 Additional Projectiles
Steadfast Cannot Be Stunned
Swift Moves 50% Faster
Vengeful Gives Frenzy Charges to allies on death
1Also makes the character model 20% bigger.


Name Effect
of Anger Gains a Frenzy Charge for every quarter of Maximum Life lost
of Elemental Resistance Gains 40% resistance to Elemental Damage
of Endurance 50% chance to gain an Endurance Charge on Hit
of Evasion 40% chance to evade attacks
of Fervor 40% increased attack speed
of Flames 25% of damage converted to fire damage
of Frost 25% of damage converted to cold damage
of the Lamprey Leeches Life (requires monster level 40)


Note: These numbers are taken from an earlier version and may not be accurate.

Allies Have Energy Shield
Gives monsters an energy shield equal to 70% of their Life which absorbs damage and recharges when out of combat.
Allies Resist Elemental Damage
Increases monster elemental resistances by 35%.
Allies Reflect Physical Damage
Causes monsters to reflect 15% of the physical damage they receive back to their attacker. (Requires monster level 40)
Allies Reflect Elemental Damage
Causes monsters to reflect 15% of the elemental damage they receive back to their attacker. (Requires monster level 40)
Allies have Life Regeneration
Causes monsters to regenerate 2.5% of their maximum Life back per second.
Allies Deal Extra Physical Damage
Increases the damage that monsters deal by 30%.
Allies Deal Substantial Extra Physical Damage
Increases the damage that monsters deal by 50%.
Allies Have Increased Accuracy and Critical Strike Chance
Makes monsters 45% more accurate and increases their critical strike chance by 75%. For example, if they had a 5% critical strike chance before, now it would be 8.75%.
Allies Move and Attack Quickly
Increases monster cast speed, attack speed and movement speed.
Enemies Are Slowed
Decreases enemy movement and attack speed by 25%.
Other Allies Cannot Die
Nearby monsters can't have less than 1 life until they leave the aura radius or the monster using this aura is killed. If two monsters have this aura, they must be lured apart from each other.

Nemesis Affixes

All rare monsters have a chance to spawn with a Nemesis mod, in all leagues.

Ancestral Power
Randomly casts Searing Bond totems, with instant cast speed. Totem limit is 4.
Adds no extra effect. See Soul Conduit below.
On low life gains Fury (increases attack speed, increased movement speed, increased cast speed ... maybe more?).
Blessing of Elements (requires monster level 25)
Randomly chills/ignites/shocks on hit.
Bringer of Bones (requires monster level 15)
Randomly casts Summon Skeletons, with instant cast speed. Skeletons will not decay over time like regular ones.
Bringer of Fragility
Curses targets with Vulnerability on hit.
Bringer of Weakness (Requires monster level 4)
Curses targets with Enfeeble on hit.
Chronophage (Requires monster level 25)
Curses targets with Temporal Chains on hit.
Corrupting Blood (Requires monster level 40)
Attacker receives one charge of Corrupted Blood per hit, which is a bleeding effect (physical damage over time) that stacks up to 20 charges. The debuff can be removed with Staunching flasks. You can avoid the damage to your character by using minions, traps/mines or totems.
Splits into 8-12 lesser mobs of the same type upon death.
Hexfont (Requires monster level 15)
Casts random curses every half second (estimated), with instant cast speed. You cannot be inflicted with more than one curse at the same time.
Inner Treasure (Requires monster level 40)
Always drops a unique item on death.
Nullifier (Requires monster level 25)
Removes charges and flask effects on hit (and timed buffs like Blood Rage? confirmation needed).
Proximity Shield (Requires monster level 40)
Can only be damaged by hits originating from inside the shield.
Shroud Walker (Requires monster level 40)
Periodically teleports to you via Smoke Mine, including the mine's blinding smoke effect.
Soul Conduit
Resurrects itself and all corpses around it upon death, forcing you to fight it again with the same mods (except for Soul Conduit, which is replaced by Apparition). Note: Monsters with no corpses (Water Elementals for example) and corpses destroyed with skills such as Detonate Dead and Raise Zombie will not be resurrected.
Soul Eater (Requires monster level 15)
Consumes souls of other nearby monsters upon their death to become stronger. Each soul increases other affixes' effects, e.g. enough soul-fed nemesis with Life Regeneration becomes nearly unkillable due to crazy regen.
Storm Herald (Requires monster level 60)
Casts Lightning Storm over the target continuously with a short delay (similar to the spell used by Piety of Theopolis). Multiple Lightning Storms can overlap creating a high risk area.
Vile Touch (Requires monster level 4)
Applies Poison on hit.
Volatile Flame/Ice/Storm blood (requires monster level 2)
Explodes upon death, dealing some (percentage of max life?) damage of the relevant elemental type in a small area of effect.