There is a twitch promotion allowing you to get Purple Footprints Effect inventory icon.pngPurple Footprints EffectPurple Footprints EffectBoots Modifier
Stack Size: 20
Adds purple footprints to a pair of boots.Right click this item then left click some boots to apply it.
Purple Footprints Effect inventory icon.png
, Purple Weapon Effect inventory icon.pngPurple Weapon EffectPurple Weapon EffectWeapon Effect
Stack Size: 20
Adds a Purple effect to a weapon.Right click this item then left click a weapon to apply it.
Purple Weapon Effect inventory icon.png
and Purple Portal Effect inventory icon.pngPurple Portal EffectPurple Portal EffectPortal ModificationThis character's portals use a purple effect.Right click this to set or remove your Portal effect.Purple Portal Effect inventory icon.png if you have twitch prime.


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Juggernaut ascendancy class.png
What divides the conqueror to the conquered? Perseverance.

The Juggernaut is an Ascendancy class for Marauders.


The Juggernaut class revolves around defenses, providing physical damage reduction through armour and endurance charges, protection against slows and stuns, and accuracy.

Passive skills

Minor skills

This class has the following minor passive skills:

Name Bonuses
Armour, Movement Speed
  • 15% increased Armour
  • 4% increased Movement Speed
Armour, Attack Speed
  • 6% increased Attack Speed
  • 15% increased Armour
Armour, Stun Duration
  • 15% increased Armour
  • 20% increased Stun Duration on Enemies
Armour, Attack Damage
  • 15% increased Armour
  • 12% increased Attack Damage
Armour, Life Regeneration
  • 15% increased Armour
  • 0.4% of Life Regenerated per second

Notable skills

The class has the following notable passive skills:

Skill Modifiers Prerequisite Preceding Passive
  • 10% increased Movement Speed
  • You cannot be slowed to below base speed
  • Movement Speed cannot be modified to below base value
Armour, Movement Speed
  • +1000 to Accuracy Rating
  • 1% increased Attack Speed per 200 Accuracy Rating
Armour, Attack Speed
  • Cannot be Stunned
  • Armour received from Body Armour is doubled
Armour, Stun Duration
  • 30% increased Damage while you have Fortify
  • 1.5% of Maximum Life Regenerated per second while you have Fortify
  • 25% increased effect of Fortify on You
Armour, Life Regeneration
  • +1 to Maximum Endurance Charges
  • 20% chance to gain an Endurance Charge when you are Hit
Armour, Attack Damage
  • 6% increased Damage per Endurance Charge
  • 8% reduced Elemental Damage taken while at Maximum Endurance Charges
  • 25% chance that if you would gain Endurance Charges, you instead gain up to your maximum number of Endurance Charges
Unflinching Armour, Attack Damage

Version history

Version Changes
  • Unrelenting now has a 25% chance to gain maximum charges on generating an endurance charge (rather than 100%).