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    Helmets is an item class of armour pieces that can contain up to 4 sockets.

    There are 6 sub-types of helmets:

    • There are 3 single-attribute based sub-types, which require the player to have a threshold amount (indicated in the item's tooltip) of a single type of attribute; once equipped, they provide the wearer with the defensive stat of the type associated with the required attribute.
    • Strength-based helmets provide armour, dexterity-based helmets providing evasion, and intelligence-based helmets provide energy shield.
    • There are 3 Hybrid sub-types which require both of the two listed attributes to reach a threshold value, in return providing both of the associated defense stat types. Providing multiple defensive stat types from a single item comes at a cost: both defense types provided have a lesser value than their non-hybrid counterparts. This is in addition to the player having to manage more than one attribute in order to be able and/or continue to use the item.

    List of Helmets

    Armour Helmets (Strength)

    Iron HatIron HatArmour: 8Requires 9 StrIron Hat inventory icon.pngIron Hat inventory icon.png198N/A
    Cone HelmetCone HelmetArmour: 33Requires Level 7, 21 StrCone Helmet inventory icon.pngCone Helmet inventory icon.png72133N/A
    Barbute HelmetBarbute HelmetArmour: 80Requires Level 18, 42 StrBarbute Helmet inventory icon.pngBarbute Helmet inventory icon.png184280N/A
    Close HelmetClose HelmetArmour: 113Requires Level 26, 58 StrClose Helmet inventory icon.pngClose Helmet inventory icon.png2658113N/A
    Gladiator HelmetGladiator HelmetArmour: 151Requires Level 35, 75 StrGladiator Helmet inventory icon.pngGladiator Helmet inventory icon.png3575151N/A
    Reaver HelmetReaver HelmetArmour: 172Requires Level 40, 85 StrReaver Helmet inventory icon.pngReaver Helmet inventory icon.png4085172N/A
    Siege HelmetSiege HelmetArmour: 206Requires Level 48, 101 StrSiege Helmet inventory icon.pngSiege Helmet inventory icon.png48101206N/A
    Samite HelmetSamite HelmetArmour: 240Requires Level 55, 114 StrSamite Helmet inventory icon.pngSamite Helmet inventory icon.png55114240N/A
    Ezomyte BurgonetEzomyte BurgonetArmour: 301Requires Level 60, 138 StrEzomyte Burgonet inventory icon.pngEzomyte Burgonet inventory icon.pngN/A138301N/A
    Royal BurgonetRoyal BurgonetArmour: 328Requires Level 65, 148 StrRoyal Burgonet inventory icon.pngRoyal Burgonet inventory icon.png65148328N/A
    Eternal BurgonetEternal BurgonetArmour: 324Requires Level 69, 138 StrEternal Burgonet inventory icon.pngEternal Burgonet inventory icon.pngN/A138324N/A

    Evasion Helmets (Dexterity)

    Leather CapLeather CapEvasion: 17Requires Level 3, 13 DexLeather Cap inventory icon.pngLeather Cap inventory icon.pngN/A1317N/A
    TricorneTricorneEvasion: 46Requires Level 10, 27 DexTricorne inventory icon.pngTricorne inventory icon.png102746N/A
    Leather HoodLeather HoodEvasion: 88Requires Level 20, 46 DexLeather Hood inventory icon.pngLeather Hood inventory icon.png204688N/A
    Wolf PeltWolf PeltEvasion: 130Requires Level 30, 66 DexWolf Pelt inventory icon.pngWolf Pelt inventory icon.png3066130N/A
    Hunter HoodHunter HoodEvasion: 176Requires Level 41, 87 DexHunter Hood inventory icon.pngHunter Hood inventory icon.png4187176N/A
    Noble TricorneNoble TricorneEvasion: 201Requires Level 47, 99 DexNoble Tricorne inventory icon.pngNoble Tricorne inventory icon.png4799201N/A
    Ursine PeltUrsine PeltEvasion: 240Requires Level 55, 114 DexUrsine Pelt inventory icon.pngUrsine Pelt inventory icon.pngN/A114240N/A
    Silken HoodSilken HoodEvasion: 301Requires Level 60, 138 DexSilken Hood inventory icon.pngSilken Hood inventory icon.pngN/A138301N/A
    Sinner TricorneSinner TricorneEvasion: 321Requires Level 64, 138 DexSinner Tricorne inventory icon.pngSinner Tricorne inventory icon.png64138321N/A
    Lion PeltLion PeltEvasion: 331Requires Level 70, 150 DexLion Pelt inventory icon.pngLion Pelt inventory icon.png70150331N/A

    Energy Shield Helmets (Intelligence)

    Vine CircletVine CircletEnergy Shield: 7Requires Level 3, 13 IntVine Circlet inventory icon.pngVine Circlet inventory icon.png3137N/A
    Iron CircletIron CircletEnergy Shield: 13Requires Level 8, 23 IntIron Circlet inventory icon.pngIron Circlet inventory icon.png82313N/A
    Torture CageTorture CageEnergy Shield: 23Requires Level 17, 40 IntTorture Cage inventory icon.pngTorture Cage inventory icon.png174023N/A
    Tribal CircletTribal CircletEnergy Shield: 34Requires Level 26, 58 IntTribal Circlet inventory icon.pngTribal Circlet inventory icon.png265834N/A
    Bone CircletBone CircletEnergy Shield: 44Requires Level 34, 73 IntBone Circlet inventory icon.pngBone Circlet inventory icon.pngN/A7344N/A
    Lunaris CircletLunaris CircletEnergy Shield: 50Requires Level 39, 83 IntLunaris Circlet inventory icon.pngLunaris Circlet inventory icon.pngN/A8350N/A
    Steel CircletSteel CircletEnergy Shield: 61Requires Level 48, 101 IntSteel Circlet inventory icon.pngSteel Circlet inventory icon.png4810161N/A
    Necromancer CircletNecromancer CircletEnergy Shield: 68Requires Level 54, 112 IntNecromancer Circlet inventory icon.pngNecromancer Circlet inventory icon.pngN/A11268N/A
    Solaris CircletSolaris CircletEnergy Shield: 75Requires Level 59, 122 IntSolaris Circlet inventory icon.pngSolaris Circlet inventory icon.png5912275N/A
    Mind CageMind CageEnergy Shield: 91Requires Level 65, 138 IntMind Cage inventory icon.pngMind Cage inventory icon.png6513891N/A
    Hubris CircletHubris CircletEnergy Shield: 100Requires Level 69, 154 IntHubris Circlet inventory icon.pngHubris Circlet inventory icon.pngN/A154100N/A

    Armour/Evasion Helmets (Strength/Dexterity)

    Battered HelmBattered HelmArmour: 11
    Evasion: 11
    Requires Level 4, 8 Str, 8 Dex
    Battered Helm inventory icon.png
    Battered Helm inventory icon.png
    SalletSalletArmour: 32
    Evasion: 32
    Requires Level 13, 18 Str, 18 Dex
    Sallet inventory icon.png
    Sallet inventory icon.png
    Visored SalletVisored SalletArmour: 55
    Evasion: 55
    Requires Level 23, 28 Str, 28 Dex
    Visored Sallet inventory icon.png
    Visored Sallet inventory icon.png
    Gilded SalletGilded SalletArmour: 78
    Evasion: 78
    Requires Level 33, 38 Str, 38 Dex
    Gilded Sallet inventory icon.png
    Gilded Sallet inventory icon.png
    Secutor HelmSecutor HelmArmour: 85
    Evasion: 85
    Requires Level 36, 42 Str, 42 Dex
    Secutor Helm inventory icon.png
    Secutor Helm inventory icon.png
    Fencer HelmFencer HelmArmour: 102
    Evasion: 102
    Requires Level 43, 49 Str, 49 Dex
    Fencer Helm inventory icon.png
    Fencer Helm inventory icon.png
    Lacquered HelmetLacquered HelmetArmour: 120
    Evasion: 120
    Requires Level 51, 57 Str, 57 Dex
    Lacquered Helmet inventory icon.png
    Lacquered Helmet inventory icon.png
    Fluted BascinetFluted BascinetArmour: 139
    Evasion: 139
    Requires Level 58, 64 Str, 64 Dex
    Fluted Bascinet inventory icon.png
    Fluted Bascinet inventory icon.png
    Pig-Faced BascinetPig-Faced BascinetArmour: 199
    Evasion: 139
    Requires Level 63, 85 Str, 62 Dex
    Pig-Faced Bascinet inventory icon.png
    Pig-Faced Bascinet inventory icon.png
    Nightmare BascinetNightmare BascinetArmour: 141
    Evasion: 203
    Requires Level 67, 62 Str, 85 Dex
    Nightmare Bascinet inventory icon.png
    Nightmare Bascinet inventory icon.png

    Armour/Energy Shield Helmets (Strength/Intelligence)

    Rusted CoifRusted CoifArmour: 14
    Energy Shield: 5
    Requires Level 5, 9 Str, 9 Int
    Rusted Coif inventory icon.png
    Rusted Coif inventory icon.png
    Soldier HelmetSoldier HelmetArmour: 30
    Energy Shield: 10
    Requires Level 12, 16 Str, 16 Int
    Soldier Helmet inventory icon.png
    Soldier Helmet inventory icon.png
    Great HelmetGreat HelmetArmour: 53
    Energy Shield: 16
    Requires Level 22, 27 Str, 27 Int
    Great Helmet inventory icon.png
    Great Helmet inventory icon.png
    Crusader HelmetCrusader HelmetArmour: 74
    Energy Shield: 22
    Requires Level 31, 36 Str, 36 Int
    Crusader Helmet inventory icon.png
    Crusader Helmet inventory icon.png
    Aventail HelmetAventail HelmetArmour: 88
    Energy Shield: 26
    Requires Level 37, 42 Str, 42 Int
    Aventail Helmet inventory icon.png
    Aventail Helmet inventory icon.png
    Zealot HelmetZealot HelmetArmour: 104
    Energy Shield: 31
    Requires Level 44, 50 Str, 50 Int
    Zealot Helmet inventory icon.png
    Zealot Helmet inventory icon.png
    Great CrownGreat CrownArmour: 125
    Energy Shield: 37
    Requires Level 53, 59 Str, 59 Int
    Great Crown inventory icon.png
    Great Crown inventory icon.png
    Magistrate CrownMagistrate CrownArmour: 139
    Energy Shield: 41
    Requires Level 58, 64 Str, 64 Int
    Magistrate Crown inventory icon.png
    Magistrate Crown inventory icon.png
    Prophet CrownProphet CrownArmour: 195
    Energy Shield: 40
    Requires Level 63, 85 Str, 62 Int
    Prophet Crown inventory icon.png
    Prophet Crown inventory icon.png
    Praetor CrownPraetor CrownArmour: 140
    Energy Shield: 63
    Requires Level 68, 62 Str, 91 Int
    Praetor Crown inventory icon.png
    Praetor Crown inventory icon.png
    Bone HelmetBone HelmetArmour: 172
    Energy Shield: 50
    Requires Level 75, 76 Str, 76 IntMinions deal (30-40)% increased Damage
    Bone Helmet inventory icon.png
    Bone Helmet inventory icon.png
    75767617250Minions deal (30-40)% increased Damage

    Energy Shield/Evasion Helmets (Dexterity/Intelligence)

    Scare MaskScare MaskEvasion: 11
    Energy Shield: 4
    Requires Level 4, 8 Dex, 8 Int
    Scare Mask inventory icon.png
    Scare Mask inventory icon.png
    Plague MaskPlague MaskEvasion: 25
    Energy Shield: 8
    Requires Level 10, 14 Dex, 14 Int
    Plague Mask inventory icon.png
    Plague Mask inventory icon.png
    Iron MaskIron MaskEvasion: 41
    Energy Shield: 13
    Requires Level 17, 21 Dex, 21 Int
    Iron Mask inventory icon.png
    Iron Mask inventory icon.png
    Festival MaskFestival MaskEvasion: 67
    Energy Shield: 20
    Requires Level 28, 33 Dex, 33 Int
    Festival Mask inventory icon.png
    Festival Mask inventory icon.png
    Golden MaskGolden MaskEvasion: 83
    Energy Shield: 25
    Requires Level 35, 40 Dex, 40 Int
    Golden Mask inventory icon.png
    Golden Mask inventory icon.png
    Raven MaskRaven MaskEvasion: 90
    Energy Shield: 27
    Requires Level 38, 44 Dex, 44 Int
    Raven Mask inventory icon.png
    Raven Mask inventory icon.png
    Callous MaskCallous MaskEvasion: 106
    Energy Shield: 31
    Requires Level 45, 51 Dex, 51 Int
    Callous Mask inventory icon.png
    Callous Mask inventory icon.png
    Regicide MaskRegicide MaskEvasion: 122
    Energy Shield: 36
    Requires Level 52, 58 Dex, 58 Int
    Regicide Mask inventory icon.png
    Regicide Mask inventory icon.png
    Harlequin MaskHarlequin MaskEvasion: 137
    Energy Shield: 40
    Requires Level 57, 64 Dex, 64 Int
    Harlequin Mask inventory icon.png
    Harlequin Mask inventory icon.png
    Vaal MaskVaal MaskEvasion: 180
    Energy Shield: 47
    Requires Level 62, 79 Dex, 72 Int
    Vaal Mask inventory icon.png
    Vaal Mask inventory icon.png
    Deicide MaskDeicide MaskEvasion: 166
    Energy Shield: 59
    Requires Level 67, 73 Dex, 88 Int
    Deicide Mask inventory icon.png
    Deicide Mask inventory icon.png

    Other Helmets

    Demigod's Triumph inventory icon.pngDemigod's TriumphDemigod's Triumph
    Golden Wreath
    Quality: +20%Requires Level 12+(16-24) to all Attributes2 Life Regenerated per second
    (20-30)% increased Rarity of Items found
    To stand triumphant you must serve
    no master other than your own ambition.
    Demigod's Triumph inventory icon.png
    is a 'Golden Wreath'. There are no normal, magic or rare items of this type.

    Passive Skills

    The following passive skills are related to helmets:

    Ascendancy Class Name Bonuses
    Ascendant avatar.png
    • 25% increased maximum Mana
    • Gain 10% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield
    • Skills in your Helm can have up to 1 additional Totem Summoned at a time
    • 20% chance to gain a Power Charge when you place a Totem
    Hierophant avatar.png
    Illuminated Devotion
    • Skills from your Helmet Penetrate 20% Elemental Resistances
    • Skills from your Gloves have 40% increased Area of Effect
    • Skills from your Boots Leech 2% of Damage as Life