Greatwolf Talisman

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Greatwolf TalismanTalisman Tier: 4Drop Restrictions
Level: 1
League(s): Talisman
2 random talisman implicit modifiers
[see notes]
CorruptedThe wolf greeted the king,
In the light of the harvest moon.
The wolf offered the strength of the wild,
And the king paid for it in blood.
Greatwolf Talisman inventory icon.png

Greatwolf Talisman is an amulet base type. It is a tier 4 talisman.

Unique version

  • Eyes of the Greatwolf inventory icon.pngEyes of the GreatwolfEyes of the Greatwolf
    Greatwolf Talisman
    Talisman Tier: 4Requires Level 52<2 random talisman implicit modifiers>Implicit Modifier magnitudes are doubled
    I am but a vessel for a greater force.
    It acts through me. Speaks through me.
    Decides what lives and dies through me.
    And will change the world through me.
    Eyes of the Greatwolf inventory icon.png


Instead of having one implicit modifier, Greatwolf Talismans have two. Both are randomly chosen Talisman properties from any of the lower tiers, excluding the Black Maw Talisman inventory icon.pngBlack Maw TalismanBlack Maw TalismanTalisman Tier: 1Drop Restrictions
Level: 1
League(s): Talisman
Has 1 SocketCorruptedThe First Ones stalk with us
upon this lifelong hunt,
and cast their contempt
upon those that would make us their prey.
- The Wolven King
Black Maw Talisman inventory icon.png
's. [1] It is possible to get a modifier from a talisman normally unavailable in the player's league.

Greatwolf Talisman modifiers chosen from the following:

Version history

Version Changes
  • All sources of increased Critical Strike Multiplier have been changed to additional Critical Strike Multiplier. This change brings the functionality in line with how most players think it works.
  • Because of this, all items, passives and some skills/support gems that used to have increased Critical Strike Multiplier are now 33% less effective on players, despite having the same value. A number of these have been adjusted in value to maintain similar effectiveness.
  • Introduced to the game.


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