There is a twitch promotion allowing you to get Purple Footprints Effect inventory icon.pngPurple Footprints EffectPurple Footprints EffectBoots Modifier
Stack Size: 20
Adds purple footprints to a pair of boots.Right click this item then left click some boots to apply it.
Purple Footprints Effect inventory icon.png
, Purple Weapon Effect inventory icon.pngPurple Weapon EffectPurple Weapon EffectWeapon Effect
Stack Size: 20
Adds a Purple effect to a weapon.Right click this item then left click a weapon to apply it.
Purple Weapon Effect inventory icon.png
and Purple Portal Effect inventory icon.pngPurple Portal EffectPurple Portal EffectPortal ModificationThis character's portals use a purple effect.Right click this to set or remove your Portal effect.Purple Portal Effect inventory icon.png if you have twitch prime.


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Also referred to as:

    Gloves is an item class of armour pieces that can contain up to 4 sockets.

    There are 6 sub-types of gloves;

    • 3 pure sub-types which require single attribute and provide associated defense type (i.e. strength-based providing armour, dexterity-based providing evasion, and intelligence-based providing energy shield)
    • 3 hybrid sub-types which require two attributes and provide both of the associated defense types; at the cost of having both attributes required and defenses provided sightly lower then the pure counterpart

    List of Gloves

    Armour Gloves (Strength)

    Iron GauntletsIron GauntletsArmour: 6Requires 6 StrIron Gauntlets inventory icon.pngIron Gauntlets inventory icon.png166N/A
    Plated GauntletsPlated GauntletsArmour: 34Requires Level 11, 20 StrPlated Gauntlets inventory icon.pngPlated Gauntlets inventory icon.png112034N/A
    Bronze GauntletsBronze GauntletsArmour: 67Requires Level 23, 36 StrBronze Gauntlets inventory icon.pngBronze Gauntlets inventory icon.png233667N/A
    Steel GauntletsSteel GauntletsArmour: 101Requires Level 35, 52 StrSteel Gauntlets inventory icon.pngSteel Gauntlets inventory icon.png3552101N/A
    Antique GauntletsAntique GauntletsArmour: 112Requires Level 39, 58 StrAntique Gauntlets inventory icon.pngAntique Gauntlets inventory icon.png3958112N/A
    Ancient GauntletsAncient GauntletsArmour: 134Requires Level 47, 68 StrAncient Gauntlets inventory icon.pngAncient Gauntlets inventory icon.png4768134N/A
    Goliath GauntletsGoliath GauntletsArmour: 151Requires Level 53, 76 StrGoliath Gauntlets inventory icon.pngGoliath Gauntlets inventory icon.png5376151N/A
    Vaal GauntletsVaal GauntletsArmour: 201Requires Level 63, 100 StrVaal Gauntlets inventory icon.pngVaal Gauntlets inventory icon.png63100201N/A
    Titan GauntletsTitan GauntletsArmour: 210Requires Level 69, 98 StrTitan Gauntlets inventory icon.pngTitan Gauntlets inventory icon.png6998210N/A
    Spiked GlovesSpiked GlovesArmour: 191Requires Level 73, 95 Str(16-20)% increased Melee DamageSpiked Gloves inventory icon.pngSpiked Gloves inventory icon.png7395191(16-20)% increased Melee Damage

    Evasion Gloves (Dexterity)

    Rawhide GlovesRawhide GlovesEvasion: 11Requires Level 3, 9 DexRawhide Gloves inventory icon.pngRawhide Gloves inventory icon.png3911N/A
    Goathide GlovesGoathide GlovesEvasion: 28Requires Level 9, 17 DexGoathide Gloves inventory icon.pngGoathide Gloves inventory icon.png91728N/A
    Deerskin GlovesDeerskin GlovesEvasion: 62Requires Level 21, 33 DexDeerskin Gloves inventory icon.pngDeerskin Gloves inventory icon.png213362N/A
    Nubuck GlovesNubuck GlovesEvasion: 95Requires Level 33, 50 DexNubuck Gloves inventory icon.pngNubuck Gloves inventory icon.png335095N/A
    Eelskin GlovesEelskin GlovesEvasion: 109Requires Level 38, 56 DexEelskin Gloves inventory icon.pngEelskin Gloves inventory icon.png3856109N/A
    Sharkskin GlovesSharkskin GlovesEvasion: 129Requires Level 45, 66 DexSharkskin Gloves inventory icon.pngSharkskin Gloves inventory icon.png4566129N/A
    Shagreen GlovesShagreen GlovesEvasion: 154Requires Level 54, 78 DexShagreen Gloves inventory icon.pngShagreen Gloves inventory icon.png5478154N/A
    Stealth GlovesStealth GlovesEvasion: 200Requires Level 62, 97 DexStealth Gloves inventory icon.pngStealth Gloves inventory icon.png6297200N/A
    Slink GlovesSlink GlovesEvasion: 210Requires Level 70, 95 DexSlink Gloves inventory icon.pngSlink Gloves inventory icon.png7095210N/A
    Gripped GlovesGripped GlovesEvasion: 191Requires Level 73, 95 Dex(14-18)% increased Projectile Attack DamageGripped Gloves inventory icon.pngGripped Gloves inventory icon.png7395191(14-18)% increased Projectile Attack Damage

    Energy Shield Gloves (Intelligence)

    Wool GlovesWool GlovesEnergy Shield: 4Requires Level 3, 9 IntWool Gloves inventory icon.pngWool Gloves inventory icon.pngN/A94N/A
    Velvet GlovesVelvet GlovesEnergy Shield: 12Requires Level 12, 21 IntVelvet Gloves inventory icon.pngVelvet Gloves inventory icon.png122112N/A
    Silk GlovesSilk GlovesEnergy Shield: 22Requires Level 25, 39 IntSilk Gloves inventory icon.pngSilk Gloves inventory icon.png253922N/A
    Embroidered GlovesEmbroidered GlovesEnergy Shield: 31Requires Level 36, 54 IntEmbroidered Gloves inventory icon.pngEmbroidered Gloves inventory icon.pngN/A5431N/A
    Satin GlovesSatin GlovesEnergy Shield: 35Requires Level 41, 60 IntSatin Gloves inventory icon.pngSatin Gloves inventory icon.png416035N/A
    Samite GlovesSamite GlovesEnergy Shield: 40Requires Level 47, 68 IntSamite Gloves inventory icon.pngSamite Gloves inventory icon.png476840N/A
    Conjurer GlovesConjurer GlovesEnergy Shield: 46Requires Level 55, 79 IntConjurer Gloves inventory icon.pngConjurer Gloves inventory icon.png557946N/A
    Arcanist GlovesArcanist GlovesEnergy Shield: 56Requires Level 60, 95 IntArcanist Gloves inventory icon.pngArcanist Gloves inventory icon.png609556N/A
    Sorcerer GlovesSorcerer GlovesEnergy Shield: 61Requires Level 69, 97 IntSorcerer Gloves inventory icon.pngSorcerer Gloves inventory icon.png699761N/A
    Fingerless Silk GlovesFingerless Silk GlovesEnergy Shield: 56Requires Level 73, 95 Int(12-16)% increased Spell DamageFingerless Silk Gloves inventory icon.pngFingerless Silk Gloves inventory icon.png739556(12-16)% increased Spell Damage

    Armour/Evasion Gloves (Strength/Dexterity)

    Fishscale GauntletsFishscale GauntletsArmour: 8
    Evasion: 8
    Requires Level 4, 5 Str, 5 Dex
    Fishscale Gauntlets inventory icon.png
    Fishscale Gauntlets inventory icon.png
    Ironscale GauntletsIronscale GauntletsArmour: 25
    Evasion: 25
    Requires Level 15, 14 Str, 14 Dex
    Ironscale Gauntlets inventory icon.png
    Ironscale Gauntlets inventory icon.png
    Bronzescale GauntletsBronzescale GauntletsArmour: 43
    Evasion: 43
    Requires Level 27, 22 Str, 22 Dex
    Bronzescale Gauntlets inventory icon.png
    Bronzescale Gauntlets inventory icon.png
    Steelscale GauntletsSteelscale GauntletsArmour: 57
    Evasion: 57
    Requires Level 36, 29 Str, 29 Dex
    Steelscale Gauntlets inventory icon.png
    Steelscale Gauntlets inventory icon.png
    Serpentscale GauntletsSerpentscale GauntletsArmour: 68
    Evasion: 68
    Requires Level 43, 34 Str, 34 Dex
    Serpentscale Gauntlets inventory icon.png
    Serpentscale Gauntlets inventory icon.png
    Wyrmscale GauntletsWyrmscale GauntletsArmour: 77
    Evasion: 77
    Requires Level 49, 38 Str, 38 Dex
    Wyrmscale Gauntlets inventory icon.png
    Wyrmscale Gauntlets inventory icon.png
    Hydrascale GauntletsHydrascale GauntletsArmour: 92
    Evasion: 92
    Requires Level 59, 45 Str, 45 Dex
    Hydrascale Gauntlets inventory icon.png
    Hydrascale Gauntlets inventory icon.png
    Dragonscale GauntletsDragonscale GauntletsArmour: 105
    Evasion: 105
    Requires Level 67, 51 Str, 51 Dex
    Dragonscale Gauntlets inventory icon.png
    Dragonscale Gauntlets inventory icon.png

    Armour/Energy Shield Gloves (Strength/Intelligence)

    Chain GlovesChain GlovesArmour: 12
    Energy Shield: 4
    Requires Level 7, 8 Str, 8 Int
    Chain Gloves inventory icon.png
    Chain Gloves inventory icon.png
    Ringmail GlovesRingmail GlovesArmour: 31
    Energy Shield: 9
    Requires Level 19, 16 Str, 16 Int
    Ringmail Gloves inventory icon.png
    Ringmail Gloves inventory icon.png
    Mesh GlovesMesh GlovesArmour: 51
    Energy Shield: 15
    Requires Level 32, 26 Str, 26 Int
    Mesh Gloves inventory icon.png
    Mesh Gloves inventory icon.png
    Riveted GlovesRiveted GlovesArmour: 58
    Energy Shield: 17
    Requires Level 37, 29 Str, 29 Int
    Riveted Gloves inventory icon.png
    Riveted Gloves inventory icon.png
    Zealot GlovesZealot GlovesArmour: 68
    Energy Shield: 20
    Requires Level 43, 34 Str, 34 Int
    Zealot Gloves inventory icon.png
    Zealot Gloves inventory icon.png
    Soldier GlovesSoldier GlovesArmour: 80
    Energy Shield: 24
    Requires Level 51, 40 Str, 40 Int
    Soldier Gloves inventory icon.png
    Soldier Gloves inventory icon.png
    Legion GlovesLegion GlovesArmour: 89
    Energy Shield: 26
    Requires Level 57, 44 Str, 44 Int
    Legion Gloves inventory icon.png
    Legion Gloves inventory icon.png
    Crusader GlovesCrusader GlovesArmour: 105
    Energy Shield: 31
    Requires Level 66, 51 Str, 51 Int
    Crusader Gloves inventory icon.png
    Crusader Gloves inventory icon.png

    Energy Shield/Evasion Gloves (Dexterity/Intelligence)

    Wrapped MittsWrapped MittsEvasion: 9
    Energy Shield: 3
    Requires Level 5, 6 Dex, 6 Int
    Wrapped Mitts inventory icon.png
    Wrapped Mitts inventory icon.png
    Strapped MittsStrapped MittsEvasion: 26
    Energy Shield: 8
    Requires Level 16, 14 Dex, 14 Int
    Strapped Mitts inventory icon.png
    Strapped Mitts inventory icon.png
    Clasped MittsClasped MittsEvasion: 49
    Energy Shield: 15
    Requires Level 31, 25 Dex, 25 Int
    Clasped Mitts inventory icon.png
    Clasped Mitts inventory icon.png
    Trapper MittsTrapper MittsEvasion: 57
    Energy Shield: 17
    Requires Level 36, 29 Dex, 29 Int
    Trapper Mitts inventory icon.png
    Trapper Mitts inventory icon.png
    Ambush MittsAmbush MittsEvasion: 71
    Energy Shield: 21
    Requires Level 45, 35 Dex, 35 Int
    Ambush Mitts inventory icon.png
    Ambush Mitts inventory icon.png
    Carnal MittsCarnal MittsEvasion: 78
    Energy Shield: 23
    Requires Level 50, 39 Dex, 39 Int
    Carnal Mitts inventory icon.png
    Carnal Mitts inventory icon.png
    Assassin's MittsAssassin's MittsEvasion: 91
    Energy Shield: 27
    Requires Level 58, 45 Dex, 45 Int
    Assassin's Mitts inventory icon.png
    Assassin's Mitts inventory icon.png
    Murder MittsMurder MittsEvasion: 105
    Energy Shield: 31
    Requires Level 67, 51 Dex, 51 Int
    Murder Mitts inventory icon.png
    Murder Mitts inventory icon.png

    Passive Skills

    The following passive skills are related to gloves:

    Ascendancy Class Name Bonuses
    Hierophant avatar.png
    Illuminated Devotion
    • Skills from your Helmet Penetrate 20% Elemental Resistances
    • Skills from your Gloves have 40% increased Area of Effect
    • Skills from your Boots Leech 2% of Damage as Life