Flicker Strike

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Flicker Strike
Active Skill Gem
KeywordsMovement, Attack, Melee
Required Level10
Mana Cost10
Cooldown Time2 Second
Per 1% Quality1% increased Damage
Teleports the character to a nearby monster and attacks it with a melee weapon. If no specific monster is chosen, one is picked at random. The cooldown can be bypassed by expending a Frenzy Charge.
20% more Attack Speed
Deals x% of Base Attack Damage
10% increased Attack Speed per Frenzy Charge
Screenshot of Flicker Strike
"They should have known the rule: never corner a Duelist. He was surrounded by four hulking brutes, each one uglier than the one before. They had come for the fine mail tunic he wore, but he had given them nothing but insults and injury. As the Duelist fought, his speed grew more frenetic, until he was a blur of whirling steel. After a time though, superior numbers took their toll, and the attackers began to find openings. With blood oozing from a dozen wounds, the Duelist gathered himself for one final assault. He waited until just the right moment, right as his foes rushed in for the kill.
There was a flash, and in the blink of an eye, he suddenly appeared behind the first assailant, plunging his sword to the hilt in the exposed neck. Then he was beheading the second in one quick swipe. Then the third fell with a shriek, his bowels spilling onto the cobblestones. The fourth turned to run, and found himself facing the Duelist, who met his momentum with a stab through the heart. Spent, panting on the ground, the victor wiped his blade clean, and recorded four more kills with Flicker Strike."
— Description on the official Path of Exile website[1]

Flicker Strike is an attack that teleports the character to a nearby enemy and strikes it with his weapon. If no specific monster is chosen, one is picked at random. The skill has a cooldown that can be bypassed by expending a Frenzy Charge.

Skill Functions and Interactions

Additional Increased Attack Speed from Frenzy Charges: This attack gets an additional 10% increased attack speed from each frenzy charge, on top of the +4% automatically granted to all attacks from each frenzy charge. Essentially, each frenzy charge will grant attacks made with Flicker Strike a +14% attack speed bonus.

Dual Wielding: Dual Wielding while using flicker strike will cause the player to alternate weapons each attack.

Gem level progression

Level Lvl. Dex. Base
Exp. Total Exp.
1 10 29 130% 0 0
2 13 35 131.6% 9,569 9,569
3 17 43 133.2% 28,189 37,758
4 21 52 134.8% 59,146 96,904
5 25 60 136.4% 111,192 208,096
6 29 69 138% 193,800 401,896
7 33 77 139.6% 320,280 722,176
8 36 83 141.2% 359,090 1,081,266
9 39 90 142.8% 498,508 1,579,774
10 42 96 144.4% 682,057 2,261,831
11 45 102 146% 921,777 3,183,608
12 48 109 147.6% 1,727,879 4,911,487
13 51 115 149.2% 1,791,769 6,703,256
14 54 121 150.8% 2,353,679 9,056,935
15 57 127 152.4% 3,070,912 12,127,847
16 60 134 154% 9,095,466 21,223,313
17 63 140 155.6% 16,039,890 37,263,203
18 66 146 157.2% 29,817,117 67,080,320
19 68 151 158.8% 62,895,056 129,975,376
20 70 155 160.4% 212,051,599 342,026,975
21 72 159 162% N/A N/A
22 74 163.6% N/A N/A
23 76 165.2% N/A N/A
24 78 166.8% N/A N/A
25 80 168.4% N/A N/A
26 82 170% N/A N/A
27 84 171.6% N/A N/A
28 86 173.2% N/A N/A
29 88 174.8% N/A N/A
30 90 176.4% N/A N/A

Quest reward

This skill is not given as quest reward.

Vendor reward

This skill can be bought at the listed npc vendors after completing the following quests:
The Caged Brute
Act 1

Orb of TransmutationOrb of TransmutationStack Size: 40Upgrades a normal item to a magic itemRight click this item then left click a normal item to apply it.
Shift click to unstack.

Alternate skill effects

Name Cost Description
Vapour Flicker Strike
Vapour Flicker Strike.png
Shop Item Coin.png90 Replaces the standard effect on a Flicker Strike skill gem with a cloud of vapour.

Shop Item Video Icon.png Preview
Ghost Flicker Strike
Ghost Flicker Strike.png
Shop Item Coin.png90 Replaces the standard effect on a Flicker Strike skill gem with ghostly smoke.

Shop Item Video Icon.png Preview

Version history

Version Changes
  • Attack skills that have their damage based on the wielded weapon have their mana costs fixed in place from level 1 onwards.
  • Base damage increased to 130% from 125%. The Increased Attack Speed has been removed and instead Flicker Strike grants 20% More Attack Speed. It now increases damage by 1% per 1% quality instead of increasing critical strike chance.
  • Reduced damage bonus from +40% to +25%. This is now also represented as Damage Effectiveness.
  • Fixed a bug where Flicker Strike would not work properly if you click on a monster outside of range.
    Now it'll run into range and perform the skill.
  • Flicker Strike can't be used through walls anymore.
  • Now has a cooldown which can be bypassed by spending a Frenzy Charge.
  • Corrected some mistakes in its damage progression.
  • Flicker Strike now only attacks one target (ignoring Frenzy Charges).
  • Reclassified Flicker Strike as Melee.
  • Fixed a problem so that it'll now teleport each time.
  • Reduced damage at lower levels.


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