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Endurance charge

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Status endurance charge.png

Endurance charges are associated with strength and represent a temporary increase to the ability to endure pain during combat. They are visualized as glowing red orbs surrounding the character.

Bonuses granted by endurance charges:

The physical damage reduction stacks with the damage reduction from Armour, so that they are both applied at the same time. For example, if a monster deals 100 damage, and you have 8% Damage Reduction from two endurance charges, and enough armour to prevent 30 of the 100 damage, the incoming damage would be reduced by 38.



There are skills that make use of endurance charges in various ways. Skills can generate charges or consume them to produce a beneficial effect.

Generate Charges

Consume Charges


This equipment provides bonuses to endurance charges:

  • Ambu's ChargeAmbu's Charge
    Crusader Chainmail
    Armour: (406 to 473)
    Energy Shield: (120 to 140)
    Requires Level 43, 64 Str, 64 Int(140 to 180)% increased Armour and Energy Shield
    +10% to all Elemental Resistances
    Gain an Endurance Charge when an enemy Scores a Critical Strike on You
    2.0% of Life Regenerated per Second while on Low Life
    Share Endurance Charges with nearby party members
    Nothing stops the pain like a courageous rush into battle.
  • Kaom's SignKaom's Sign
    Coral Ring
    +(20 to 30) to maximum Life+(10 to 20) to Strength
    2% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life
    +1 maximum Endurance Charge
    A token from the sea
    A sign for Kaom
    to lead his Karui to Wraeclast.
  • The Bringer of RainThe Bringer of Rain
    Nightmare Bascinet
    Armour: (423 to 564)
    Evasion Rating: (609 to 812)
    Requires Level 67, 62 Str, 85 DexGems in this item are Supported by level 18 Melee Physical Damage
    Gems in this item are Supported by level 12 Faster Attacks
    Gems in this item are supported by level 6 Blind
    Adds 20–30 Physical Damage
    (200 to 300)% increased Armour and Evasion
    +(120 to 160) to maximum Life
    10% chance to gain an Endurance Charge when you Block
    Extra gore
    Can't use Chest armour
    15% Chance to Block
    "What lies beneath your feet?!"
    "Sacred ground, watered with tears of blood!"
  • Voll's DevotionVoll's Devotion
    Agate Amulet
    Requires Level 32+(16 to 24) to Strength and Intelligence+(30 to 40) to maximum Life
    +(20 to 30) to maximum Energy Shield
    +(15 to 20)% to all Elemental Resistances
    30% reduced Endurance Charge Duration
    30% reduced Power Charge Duration
    Gain an Endurance Charge when a Power Charge expires or is consumed
    "We are the soldiers of Faith, armoured in devotion.
    Let the sinners come, for we—the Pure—shall endure!"
    —Voll of Thebrus, at the Battle of the Bridge
  • Daresso's DefianceDaresso's Defiance
    Full Dragonscale
    Armour: (871 to 1005)
    Evasion Rating: (692 to 798)
    Requires Level 63, 115 Str, 94 Dex(160 to 200)% increased Armour and Evasion
    +(40 to 60) to maximum Life
    (2 to 3)% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life
    6% Chance to Dodge Attacks
    You lose all Endurance Charges when Hit
    You gain an Endurance Charge on Kill
    You gain Onslaught for 1 second per Endurance Charge when Hit
    "When your back is against the wall,
    And your opponent is bleeding you dry,
    There is only one appropriate response:
    Unbridled, overwhelming violence."
    - Daresso, the Sword King


There are passive skill nodes that provide bonuses to endurance charges.

Name Bonuses
  • +1 Maximum Endurance Charge
  • +1 Maximum Endurance Charge
  • +1 Maximum Endurance Charge
Endurance Charge Duration
Life Regeneration per Endurance Charge
  • 0.2% of maximum Life Regenerated per second per Endurance Charge
  • Share Endurance, Frenzy and Power Charges with nearby party members