Elemental Equilibrium

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Elemental Equilibrium
Keystone Passive Skill
Elemental Equilibrium passive icon.png
  • Enemies you hit with Elemental Damage temporarily get +25% Resistances to those Elements and -50% Resistances to other Elements
Balance is good in all things, but especially in the realm of magic.

Elemental Equilibrium is a keystone passive skill.

Multiple EE strikes will overwrite each other. The effect lasts 5 seconds or until being overwritten.

If you hit an enemy with two different elements at the same time it will give -50% Resistance to third element and +25% to both elements used. A hit carrying all three elements types will give +25% to all elemental Resistances.[1]

Totem skills proc EE as they are treated as your hits. Minion's hits do not count as yours so do not proc EE.[2]

Example Uses

As long as you are careful to not use the same element twice in a row, EE can greatly boost damage. Try to use a combination of skills that alternates between two elements or cycles through all three:


Elemental Equilibrium is located in the center of the tree, just above the Scion's starting area.

Class Distance from start
Scion 8
Templar 9
Witch 10
Marauder 14
Shadow 16
Duelist 19
Ranger 21


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