Elemental Equilibrium

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Elemental Equilibrium
Keystone Passive Skill
Elemental Equilibrium passive icon.png
  • Enemies you hit with Elemental Damage temporarily get +25% Resistances to those Elements and −50% Resistances to other Elements
Balance is good in all things, but especially in the realm of magic.

Elemental Equilibrium (EE) is a keystone passive skill which changes the resistance of any monster you hit with elemental damage, increasing resistance to the element you hit with by 25% but reducing other elemental resistances by 50%. Multiple EE strikes will overwrite each other. The effect lasts 5 seconds or until being overwritten. You have to deal damage to apply these resistance modifiers, so having Ancestral Bond allocated will prevent yourself from triggering Elemental Equilibrium (totems will still apply it if they deal damage).

If you hit an enemy with two different elements at the same time it will give -50% Resistance to third element and +25% to both elements used. A hit carrying all three elements types will give +25% to all elemental Resistances.[1]

Totem skills trigger EE as they are treated as your hits. Minions' hits do not count as yours so do not trigger EE.[2]

Multiple attacks that hit simultaneously are still processed independently, so the first hit that is processed will trigger EE that affects the other hits. [3]

Damage which does not come from a hit, such as Searing Bond or the burning ground from Fire Trap, does not trigger Elemental Equilibrium.

Example Uses

As long as you are careful to not use the same element twice in a row, EE can greatly boost damage. Try to use a combination of skills that alternates between two elements or cycles through all three:


Elemental Equilibrium is located in the center of the tree, just above the Scion's starting area.

Class Distance from start
Scion 8
Templar 10
Witch 10
Shadow 14
Marauder 14
Duelist 18
Ranger 18

Version history

Version Changes
  • Added a visual effect to players or monsters that are under the effect of Elemental Equilibrium.


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