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Eldritch Battery

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Eldritch Battery
Keystone Passive Skill
Eldritch Battery passive icon.png
  • Energy Shield protects Mana instead of Life
  • Spend Energy Shield before Mana for Skill Costs
What need have I for defence when my enemies are reduced to ash and splinters?

Eldritch Battery is a keystone passive skill that makes energy shield protect mana instead of life.


Energy shield protects mana instead of life. All modifiers to energy shield apply normally but it is not affected by modifiers to mana or mana regeneration. Energy shield recharge and recovery through Zealot's Oath or Ghost Reaver function normally. Any reductions to mana (e.g. skill costs) will instead reduce energy shield by the same amount, and any reduction to energy shield will interrupt its recharging and reset its recharge delay.

With regards to skills like Blood Rage and Righteous Fire, Energy Shield is still counted in the degeneration applied to health.

Eldritch Battery also causes energy shields to no longer grant a chance to avoid stun.


Eldritch Battery is a standalone keystone located on the upper right edge of the skill tree.

Class Distance from start
Witch 9
Shadow 11
Scion 15
Templar 16
Ranger 19
Marauder 23
Duelist 25

Version history

Version Changes
  • Eldritch Battery now causes Energy Shield to protect Mana instead of Life.
    (Old effect: Converts all Energy Shield into Mana)