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Penetrating Arrow Quiver
Requires Level 3610% chance of Arrows Piercing(8 to 12)% increased Attack Speed
+350 to Evasion Rating
+(40 to 50) to maximum Life
Adds (10–19 to 14–24) Physical Damage to attacks with Bows
Projectile Damage increased by Arrow Pierce Chance
"Why waste such a fine arrow on just one man?"
- Kiravi, Vaal Archer

Drillneck is a unique Penetrating Arrow QuiverPenetrating Arrow Quiver
Requires Level 3610% chance of Arrows Piercing


Drillneck grants increased projectile damage equal to the character's total chance for arrows to pierce. This includes arrow pierce chance modifiers from Drillneck itself and the Piercing Shots notable passive, as well as generic, projectile pierce chance mods found on the Pierce support gem. This does not include the additional chance for enemies cursed with Projectile Weakness to be pierced.[1] Chance to pierce cannot exceed 100%, therefore the maximum increased projectile damage obtainable from Drillneck is 100%.[1]


Version history

Version Changes
  • Introduced to the game.


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