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Divination card

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A divination card is a type of item introduced in The Awakening expansion. All divination cards are designed by players who have purchased a Highgate Supporter Pack[citation needed].

Path of Exile Awakening: What Are DIVINATION CARDS? - How Divination Cards Work & Where they Drop


Divination cards drop from monsters and loot containers. They are stackable, tradeable items that take up 1x1 inventory space. A full set of cards can be vendored to Tasuni in Highgate in exchange for the item referenced on the card. Each card type drops in specific areas of Wraeclast, so farming said area allows for the player to maximize their chances of obtaining the desired item. Additionally, divination cards are affected by the drop rate penalty.[1] Character level is never considered to be higher than 68 in regards to drop rate penalty, meaning that high level characters (68+) can farm world areas in merciless difficulty without severe drop rate penalties. For example if the monster level is 66 there is a 0% drop rate penalty, and in zones with level 56 monsters there is a 25% drop rate penalty.

Divination cards that award an item whose level depends on the player's level, are capped at item level 80.[2] If a set of divination cards awards a corrupted item, then the corruption effect is guaranteed be an implicit mod with the exception of maps, which cannot have implicit mods.[3]

League-specific items can be obtained from divination cards with a generic description.[4]

List of divination cards

This is a list of all 183 divination cards currently in game, with their known drop locations. When a card can drop in a certain map area, it drops both in that regular map and its legacy variant.

NameSetRewardDrop Restrictions
Abandoned Wealth
5Exalted OrbArsenal (map area)
Vault (map area)
The Aesthete
8Shavronne ItemGisale, Thought Thief (unique monster)
Prodigy of Darkness (unique monster)
Shavronne of Umbra (unique monster) (Merciless)
Anarchy's Price
13Voltaxic Rift
Rogue exiles
The Arena Champion
10Colosseum MapArena (map area)
Pit (map area)
The Artist
11Level 4 Enhance
Overgrown Ruin (map area)
Overgrown Shrine (map area)
Atziri's Arsenal
Vaults of Atziri inventory icon.pngVaults of AtziriVaults of Atziri
Vaal Pyramid Map
Map Level: 70
Map Tier: 3
Chests have (1800-2000)% increased Item Rarity
Area contains no monsters
"Should I depart this mortal coil,
so shall all of my treasures."
- Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
Travel to this Map by using it in the Eternal Laboratory or a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.
Vaults of Atziri inventory icon.png
Assassin's Favour
9DaggerThe Marketplace (any difficulty)
Arcade (map area)
Bazaar (map area)
Quay (map area)
5Doryani's Fist
The Apex of Sacrifice (map area)
The Avenger
Bazaar (map area)
Torture Chamber (map area)
The Battle Born
5AxeKaom's Dream (any difficulty)
Kaom's Path (any difficulty)
Kaom's Stronghold (any difficulty)
Abyss (map area)
Volcano (map area)
The Betrayal
9Maligaro's VirtuosityThe Broken Bridge (Cruel, Merciless)
The Western Forest (Cruel, Merciless)
The Wetlands (Merciless)
Birth of the Three
3The Goddess BoundHillock (unique monster) (Cruel, Merciless)
Blind Venture
Museum (map area)
The Body
4Body ArmourArmourer's Strongbox
Boundless Realms
4MapThe Solaris Temple Level 2 (Merciless)
Bowyer's Dream
6Six-Link Harbinger Bow
Item Level: 91
Lord of the Ashen Arrow (unique monster)
The Brittle Emperor
8Voll's Devotion
The Brittle Emperor (unique monster)
Planus, Hollow Soul (unique monster)
Voll, Emperor of Purity (unique monster) (Merciless)
Call to the First Ones
5Tier 1 Talisman
Barrows (map area)
Burial Chamber (map area)
Graveyard (map area)
Spider Forest (map area)
The Calling
6Beyond ItemBeyond demons
The Carrion Crow
4Life ArmourThe Aqueduct (any difficulty)
The Battlefront (any difficulty)
The City of Sarn (any difficulty)
The Ebony Barracks (any difficulty)
The Western Forest (Cruel, Merciless)
Colonnade (map area)
High Gardens (map area)
Promenade (map area)
Ramparts (map area)
Waterways (map area)
The Cartographer
110× Cartographer's ChiselCartographer's Strongbox
Cartographer's Delight
Map Tier: 5
The Docks (Merciless)
The Cataclysm
13Level 21 Spell Gem
Corrupted areas
The Catalyst
3Vaal OrbThe Vaal Ruins (Cruel, Merciless)
The Celestial Justicar
6Six-Link Astral PlateThe Crypt Level 2 (Merciless)
Crypt (map area)
The Chains that Bind
11Six-Link Body ArmourThe Crematorium (Merciless)
Crematorium (map area)
Chaotic Disposition
1Chaos OrbPoorjoy's Asylum (map area)
The Coming Storm
8Lightning CoilWharf (map area)
Cemetery (map area)
Promenade (map area)
Shipyard (map area)
The Conduit
9Doryani's FistGod's Chosen (unique monster)
The High Templar (unique monster)
Coveted Possession
9Regal OrbThe Catacombs (any difficulty)
Catacombs (map area)
The Cursed King
8Rigwald's CurseCaer Blaidd, Wolfpack's Den (map area)
The Dapper Prodigy
6Six-Link Body Armour
Item Level: 100
Residence (map area)
The Dark Mage
6Six-Link Staff
Item Level: 55
The Chamber of Sins Level 1 (Cruel, Merciless)
The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Cruel, Merciless)
Overgrown Ruin (map area)
Overgrown Shrine (map area)
4Mon'tregul's GraspThe Fetid Pool (Cruel, Merciless)
Bog (map area)
Marshes (map area)
Mud Geyser (map area)
The Demoness
5Death's HandThe Northern Forest (Cruel, Merciless)
Destined to Crumble
5Body Armour
Item Level: 100
Academy (map area)
Museum (map area)
Scriptorium (map area)
The Devastator
8Atziri's Disfavour
Dialla's Subjugation
7Superior Support Gem
Quality: +23%
Ivory Temple (map area)
Temple (map area)
The Doctor
8HeadhunterBurial Chambers (map area)
The Putrid Cloister (map area)
Spider Forest (map area)
Doedre's Madness
9Doedre ItemDoedre Darktongue (unique monster) (Cruel, Merciless)
Erythrophagia (unique monster)
Prodigy of Hexes (unique monster)
The Doppelganger
2Superior Mirror Arrow
Quality: +20%
The Crossroads (Cruel, Merciless)
The Dragon
4Coruscating ElixirThe Northern Forest (Cruel, Merciless)
Dark Forest (map area)
The Dragon's Heart
11Level 4 Empower
Abyss (map area)
The Drunken Aristocrat
8Divination DistillateVilla (map area)
Dying Anguish
8Level 19 Skill GemThe City of Sarn (Merciless)
The Docks (Merciless)
The Ebony Barracks (Merciless)
The Marketplace (Merciless)
The Slums (Merciless)
The Warehouse District (Merciless)
Earth Drinker
5Granite FlaskDunes (map area)
Emperor of Purity
7Six-Link Holy Chainmail
Item Level: 60
The Chamber of Sins Level 1 (Cruel, Merciless)
The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Cruel, Merciless)
The Western Forest (Cruel, Merciless)
Overgrown Ruin (map area)
Overgrown Shrine (map area)
Springs (map area)
Emperor's Luck
5CurrencyThe Imperial Gardens (any difficulty)
High Gardens (map area)
Courtyard (map area)
Orchard (map area)
The Encroaching Darkness
The Vaal Ruins (Merciless)
Any area created by a map
The Endurance
4Vivid Crimson JewelThe Crystal Veins (any difficulty)
The Mines Level 1 (any difficulty)
The Mines Level 2 (any difficulty)
Crystal Ore (map area)
Excavation (map area)
Quarry (map area)
The Enlightened
6Level 3 EnlightenAshen Wood (map area)
The Ethereal
7Six-Link Vaal RegaliaThe Apex of Sacrifice (map area)
Endgame Labyrinth
The Explorer
The Dread Thicket (Merciless)
Thicket (map area)
The Feast
5Romira's Banquet
The Market Sewers (any difficulty)
The Slums Sewers (any difficulty)
The Warehouse Sewers (any difficulty)
Sewer (map area)
Waste Pool (map area)
The Fiend
Shrine (map area)
The Fletcher
Ironpoint the Forsaken (unique monster) (Cruel, Merciless)
Lieutenant of the Bow (unique monster) (Merciless)
The Flora's Gift
5Five-Link Staff
Item Level: 66
Jungle Valley (map area)
Tropical Island (map area)
The Formless Sea
7VarunastraCoves (map area)
Reef (map area)
The Forsaken
7Umbilicus Immortalis
The Fox
6Level 20 GemThe Broken Bridge (Cruel, Merciless)
The Crossroads (Cruel, Merciless)
The Fellshrine Ruins (Cruel, Merciless)
The Northern Forest (Cruel, Merciless)
The Old Fields (Cruel, Merciless)
The Riverways (Merciless)
The Western Forest (Cruel, Merciless)
The Wetlands (Cruel, Merciless)
Barrows (map area)
Castle Ruins (map area)
The Gambler
5Divination CardAny map area
The Garish Power
The Gemcutter
3Gemcutter's PrismGemcutter's Strongbox
Gemcutter's Promise
3Superior Gem
Quality: +20%
The Ebony Barracks (any difficulty)
Colonnade (map area)
Promenade (map area)
The Gentleman
The Slums (any difficulty)
Ghetto (map area)
Precinct (map area)
Gift of the Gemling Queen
9Level 20 Support GemThe Crystal Veins (Merciless)
The Gladiator
5Nightmare BascinetDaresso's Dream (any difficulty)
The Grand Arena (any difficulty)
Arena (map area)
Colosseum (map area)
Pit (map area)
Glimmer of Hope
8Gold RingCrystal Ore (map area)
Underground River (map area)
Underground Sea (map area)
Grave Knowledge
6Summon Raging Spirit
Quality: +20%
The Crypt Level 1 (Cruel, Merciless)
The Harvester
11The HarvestThe Crossroads (Merciless)
Castle Ruins (map area)
Her Mask
4Sacrifice FragmentTier 1-6 maps and shaped variants
The Hermit
9LifesprigThe Broken Bridge (Cruel, Merciless)
The Crossroads (Cruel, Merciless)
The Dread Thicket (Cruel, Merciless)
The Fellshrine Ruins (Cruel, Merciless)
The Northern Forest (Cruel, Merciless)
The Old Fields (Cruel, Merciless)
The Riverways (Cruel, Merciless)
The Southern Forest (Cruel, Merciless)
The Western Forest (Cruel, Merciless)
The Wetlands (Cruel, Merciless)

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Guide for League Challenge

sets suggested cards suggested farming Locations
One The Cartographer any map (not much effort needed)
Two The Lover Underground Sea (map area, it's common to find two in one clearing)
Three The Scholar The Archives (any difficulty)

The Library (any difficulty)

Academy Map

Museum Map

Four Her Mask Many choices for set Four cards (not much effort needed)

Tier 1-6 maps Shaped tier 1-6 maps

Five The Flora's Gift

The Gambler

Many choices for set Five cards (not much effort needed)

Jungle Valley (map area) any map area

Six The Inventor The Ancient Pyramid (the reward is worth the little extra effort)
Seven Three Faces in the Dark The Marketplace
Eight Rain of Chaos The Crossroads (very common)
Nine The Scarred Meadow

Volatile Power

mines in act 4
Ten The Saint's Treasure The Marketplace (the reward is worth the little extra effort)
Eleven The Chains that Bind The Crematorium (a set of 11 cards is the hardest to collect by far)
Twelve The Hoarder The Harvest (the reward is worth the little extra effort)


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