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Avatar of Fire

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Avatar of Fire
Keystone Passive Skill
Avatar of Fire passive icon.png
  • 50% of Physical, Cold and Lightning Damage Converted to Fire Damage
  • Deal no Non-Fire Damage
"In my dreams I see a great warrior, his skin scorched black, his fists aflame."

Avatar of Fire is a keystone passive skill that converts 50% of physical damage, lightning damage and cold damage to fire damage. However, the character cannot deal damage with any damage types except fire.

The Blood Rage inventory icon.pngBlood RageBlood RageSpell, Duration
Mana Cost: (17 to 21)
Can store 1 use(s)
Cooldown Time: 1.00 sec
Cast Time: 0.25 sec
Requires Level 16Adds a buff that deals Physical Damage over time, while increasing Attack Speed and Life Leech. Killing an enemy while this buff is active refreshes the buff duration, and can grant a Frenzy Charge.Per 1% Quality:
0.25% increased Attack Speed
(5-15)% increased Attack Speed
1.2% of Physical Damage from Attacks Leeched as Life
You take 4% of your Maximum Life per second as Physical Damage
You take 4% of your Maximum Energy Shield per second as Physical Damage
25% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Kill
Base duration is (7-10.8) seconds
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
Blood Rage skill icon.png
Blood Rage inventory icon.png
physical damage buff is not negated by Deal no Non-Fire Damage and is not converted to fire.

It is worth to mention that Avatar of Fire will not synergize with Elemental Equilibrium in any way, resulting Elemental Equilibrium only adding 25% of fire resistance to the enemy.

Item modifier

These unique items have the Avatar of Fire modifier, which provides the same effect as this keystone. Taking the keystone in addition to equipping one of these items will impart no additional benefit.


Avatar of Fire is a standalone keystone located in the upper left edge of the skill tree right next to the Holy Fire burning cluster.

Class Distance from start
Templar 10
Marauder 15
Witch 10
Scion 14
Duelist 23
Shadow 19
Ranger 24

Version history

Version Changes
  • Added a rebalanced Keystone Passive Skill - Avatar of Fire
  • Removed for rebalancing during Alpha