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Alira's Amulet

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Alira's Amulet
Segregated by treachery, this artefact longs to be reunited with her sisters.
Alira's Amulet.png

Alira's Amulet is a quest item acquired after defeating Alira in the Western Forest. It is only obtainable during one of the bandit faction quests in Act 2 that requires the character to oppose Alira: "Deal with the Bandits", "The Bandit Lord Oak", or "The Bandit Lord Kraityn".

If combined with Oak's AmuletOak's Amulet
A relic of a sundered relationship, it awaits reconciliation with its kin.
and Kraityn's AmuletKraityn's Amulet
While this artefact resonates with power, it is simply a piece in a larger puzzle.
, The ApexThe Apex
Though its power has been shared, there is still more the Apex might unlock.
is formed.