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Act 4

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The betrayer strives to awaken an ancient and terrible being. Should he succeed, the Cataclysm will see the whole world remade... in the image of Nightmare. The time has finally come to venture into the kingdom of Corruption itself and drive a blade through its black heart.

The map of Act 4

Act four is Path of Exile's fourth storyline act. It covers monster levels 33–40 in Normal, 54–57 in Cruel, and 67–70 in Merciless. Its town is Highgate.



Breaking the Seal quest icon.png · An Indomitable Spirit quest icon.png · The King of Fury quest icon.png · The King of Desire quest icon.png · Corpus Malachus quest icon.png · The Eternal Nightmare quest icon.png
Breaking the Seal·An Indomitable Spirit·The King of Fury·The King of Desire·Corpus Malachus·The Eternal Nightmare


The Aqueduct
33/54/67 Waypoint
The Dried Lake
Highgate Waypoint
The Mines Level 1
The Mines Level 2
Daresso's Dream
The Crystal Veins
36/55/68 Waypoint
Kaom's Dream
The Grand Arena
38/56/69 Waypoint
Belly of the Beast Level 1
Kaom's Path
Belly of the Beast Level 2
Kaom's Stronghold
38/56/69 Waypoint
The Harvest

Version history

Version Changes
  • The Awakening introduces Path of Exile's fourth act, which is set in and around the mining town of Highgate, north of Sarn.
  • Act Four contains 14 new areas to explore, 40 new monster varieties to fight, 6 new quests to complete and 9 new bosses to defeat!
  • Highgate contains a cast of new NPCs that have full voice acting.